Happy Birthday To Me! Today is my birthday. To celebrate I decided to look at what was in the news on January 27 every year since I was born. Mainly I want to see if the news were positive or negative. Getting the data I start buy creating a list of dates. I feel like there is probably a more straightforward way of doing this but I am currently obsessed with map so this is how I did it.

Sundays When I woke up this morning I wrote a long to do list. Instead of working through the list I somehow ended up spending most of my day playing in R. Scraping the web I have been keen to try web scraping in R for a while so I gave rvest a go. I was a bit too restless to actually read any tutorials so I just started trying different commands.

Why can’t I just have all of the data? I have been updating some code that uses data that I don’t have access to. I used one of the data sets from the survival package but it annoyed me that the variable names were not what I wanted them to be and I couldn’t be bothered changing them. I was killing time on a train the other day and discovered the simstudy package and decided to give it a go.

Getting the data A couple of months ago I discovered a package developed by Public Health England that makes it easier to extract the data behind their fingertips website (https://fingertips.phe.org.uk/). I wanted to try it and as I like maps I decided to download some data at CCG level and make an interactive choropleth map using the leaflet package. I use select_indicators to browse the indicators and pick one at random that seems to have CCG level data.

Emma Vestesson

I first started learning R in the autumn of 2012 but stopped after a couple of months as I didn’t use it. In January 2017 I rediscovered R again and this time I am sticking with it. After discovering blogdown and realising how many different short snippets of code I have hidden away on my computer I decided to share them on this blog instead.

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